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Colon cancer symptoms you should discuss with your doctor

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Colon cancer can affect men and women. It’s difficult to detect early on unless you are aware of some symptoms. Most people don’t know they have colon cancer until it has reached Stage 3 or 4. Early detection of cancer influences treatment options as well as outcomes. Here are some of the most common symptoms that you should not ignore.

Changes to Bowel Habits

Changes in bowel habits are one of the most important colon cancer symptoms. Constipation, diarrhea or fewer bowel movements are all signs that your body may not be functioning correctly. If you notice a change in your bowels that lasts more than two weeks, it is time to consult your doctor.

Rectum Bleeding

A rectal bleed could be an indication of colon cancer. Rectal bleeding can be benign but it may also be caused by polyps or hemorrhoids. These signs should be checked by a doctor because colorectal carcinoma can spread quickly. Early detection is key to a successful treatment.

Bloody Stools

Blood in the stool is one of the most dangerous and common symptoms of colon cancer. Consult a doctor as soon as you notice blood in your stools to determine if colon cancer is the cause. Blood in your stool is not something to ignore. It could lead to a much more serious condition if you do.

Abdominal pain and Cramping

Other conditions can cause abdominal pain, which is sometimes a sign of cancer. If you feel your stomach pulling in or have cramping, seek immediate medical attention.

No relief after bowel movements

Constipation can be a sign of cancer. You may need to strain more during bowel movements. You may have colon cancer if you don’t feel any relief when you go to the toilet or if your stools are different colors or textures.

These symptoms are not always cancerous; they can be warning signs and should be further investigated. Consult your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

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