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Why you should stop smoking today

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The use of tobacco and cigarettes is the leading cause of premature death. You will join the other half of smokers who have died because of their habit if you do not quit. You will live longer and be healthier if you stop using tobacco products.

What Happens If You Quit Smoking?

The benefits of quitting smoking are immediately felt in the body. Smokers’ blood pressure drops to normal levels. The blood circulation is no longer interrupted and can now flow freely.

Smokers’ cough will start to diminish within the first few days of quitting smoking. Phlegm and wheezing caused by smoking should also be cleared. In a few weeks, your lungs will start to heal. Within two years, your cancer and smoking-related diseases risk will be reduced.

How to Quit Smoking

You can choose a method that will help you stop smoking. The first method is to stop smoking immediately. This is often referred to as “going cold turkey”. This method of quitting smoking is not without its negatives. It has helped many people quit smoking. You will not use any products or medicines that contain nicotine.

If quitting suddenly is too intimidating, then a more gradual, longer cessation may be best. The nicotine is removed daily and fewer cigarettes or tobacco are consumed. It helps your body get used to the reduced amount of nicotine and gives you the ability quit.

If you smoke for a prolonged period or have a severe nicotine addiction, medication can be prescribed.

Other Types of Tobacco

Nicotine in other tobacco products is still addictive. Some people smoke e-cigarettes in place of cigarettes because they believe it’s better. E-cigarettes contain chemicals you inhale, and nicotine is just as harmful to your lungs as regular cigarettes.

There is no form of tobacco that can be considered healthy and safe. Nicotine can be found in many products. Talk to your doctor about the options you have for quitting smoking.

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