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Pfizer recalls drug over potential cancer risk

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Pfizer, a drug manufacturer, has voluntarily recalled a batch Accuretic, citing concerns it could increase cancer risks. Pfizer has voluntarily recalled their Accuretic brand name drug as well as several generic versions due to concerns they could contain cancer-causing agents.

The drug could contain high levels of nitrosamine in some batches. This is a known carcinogen that increases cancer risk for patients who take it. Pfizer claims that the recalled medication has not been associated with any known medical conditions. They have recalled it out of a sense of caution.

What are the potential risks?

According to data, trace amounts of nitrosamine are found in many items, such as culinary water, certain foods, and others. The chemical is a known carcinogen but small amounts of it are safe. To avoid cancer and other illnesses, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), requires any company that contains nitrosamine in excess of the recommended level of 26.5 nanograms a day to recall its products.

Pfizer said that their data indicated no medical incidents were reported due to the batches or generic equivalents of the drug. They decided to withdraw the drug lots and asked all patients to consult their doctors about alternatives until they could resume their standard medication.

Nitrosamine in Other Medicines

It is not the first time a drug has been recalled because of nitrosamine. The FDA says that the chemical levels can be affected by the chemical composition of a drug as well as the manufacturing process and packaging materials used.

Other medications that are used to treat heartburn, diabetes or help quit smoking can contain traces of nitrosamine.

These drugs were pulled from the shelves in several instances due to chemical levels that exceeded standard. Most of the time, this is done to protect consumers and there are no immediate health risks or harms.

Six lots of medication have been recalled by Pfizer. Check online if the medication you are using is part of the recall. You can also contact the manufacturer to find out what steps to take. The affected users can get a new medication from a non-affected batch and receive a refund.

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