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Five Foods that promote brain health

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The effects of brain health are often not noticed by those around us until they become more obvious than we realize. You may not realize how noticeable your sluggishness and lack of mindfulness have become.

While genetics may play a part, your eating habits can control a large portion of it. These seven foods have been supercharged to improve brain health.

Fruits & Nuts

Avocados: Described as a superfood by many, avocados are a fruit. These are rich in monounsaturated or “good” fats, which help to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. You only need to consume between 1/4 and half an avocado each day.

Blueberries These amazing little berries are loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants, which have shown promising results for helping to protect against the harmful effects oxidative stress.

Walnuts One ounce of walnuts a day provides fiber, folate and omega-3. Vitamin E can help reduce cognitive decline caused by age.

Dark Chocolate

In general, chocolate is not a healthy choice. Dark chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine, which can help improve concentration and stimulate the brain. It is important to consume this chocolate in moderation. The target should be about one ounce per week.


Many seeds are good for the brain. In general, seeds are known for having anti-inflammatory properties that can support blood flow to brain and lower blood tension. When looking for a healthy snack, consider chia, flax, and sunflower seeds.

Coffee and Tea

Caffeine is the main benefit that these drinks provide. It has been proven that drinking 3 cups of caffeine per day can reduce your risk of dementia. Teas contain theanine, which can help you focus.

Many people think that it is difficult to promote brain health. Enjoy these delicious treats and you’ll be well on the way to enjoying
lifelong benefits.

Deep Water and Oily Fish

Oily fish has long been recognized for its health benefits. Fish like salmon, herring and sardines contain a lot of omega 3. This fatty acids helps to maintain and develop the brain by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood circulation. Even if you dislike the taste of seafood, many fish oil supplements are available that do not have a taste or smell.

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