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The Benefits of Keeping a Houseplant

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You don’t need to go outside to enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants. Indoor plants can be grown to reap their benefits at home or in the office. Take a look at the many benefits of having a houseplant in your office or home.

Lower StressIn a study involving young men, participants were asked to re-pot an indoor plant and complete a brief task on the computer. Researchers recorded the biological factors, such as heart rate and blood pressure, after each task. The computer activity raised blood pressure and heart rates, while gardening reduced stress levels.

Improved focus and Attention
In one study, students were taught either in a room with a fake or real plant, an image of a plant or even without a plant. Students in the classroom with a live plant paid more attention to the lesson and were better able to concentrate than students in other classrooms.


Therapeutic Benefit
It has been proven that taking care of plants reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and promotes feelings of stability and wellness. Many doctors suggest that their patients take care of an indoor plant in order to reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

Recover from illness faster
It’s not just about giving someone something nice to look at. Bringing flowers to a hospital can have many benefits. Flowers and plants can help patients recover faster, reduce their pain medication and even shorten their stay in hospital.

Improved productivity
Plants at work can increase your productivity, creativity and reduce stress. You may be able to work more quickly and reduce your sick leave.

A better attitude towards work
According to research, people who work in offices with indoor plants tend to be happier at work and more connected to their employer.

Improved indoor air quality
Scientists found that houseplant roots and soil reduced the amount of volatile organic compounds in the air. It would take a lot of indoor plants to clean the air up as well as air filters.

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