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How much salt is too much?

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Many foods and beverages contain salt. Salt is sometimes a natural element, but it can also be added to food and drinks.

The mineral sodium is found in salt. It’s involved in many processes within your body. Too much sodium can be harmful.

Although they are very similar, salt and sodium do not have the same meaning. We do not only get sodium from salt. Other products can also provide dietary sodium.


This article will discuss how much sodium is in the typical American diet, as well as how much is too much.

Too Much Salt
Your age and your health will determine the amount of sodium or salt you need in your diet. Guidelines also differ depending on who issued them.

The United States Department of Agriculture has determined the maximum sodium intake a person can have each day, based on age.

  • Age 1-3: 1,5 grams (g).
  • Age 4-8 : 1.9 g
  • Age 9-13 : 2.2g
  • Age 14 years and older: 2.3g

The American Heart Association (AHA), also recommends that adults consume no more than 2.3 grams of sodium (5.75 grams of salt) per day. The AHA also offers guidelines for the amount of sodium that should be consumed, which we will discuss in more detail below.

The World Health Organization has a stricter maximum limit than what the USDA or AHA recommend. The WHO recommends adults consume less than 2 grams of sodium (5 grams of salt) each day.

How much salt is enough?
The AHA recommends that people of all ages consume no more than 1,5 g (3.75g) of salt per day. According to the AHA, most people need only 0.5 g sodium per day in order for their bodies to function correctly. You may require more salt if you’re an active person. Salt is essential to maintain the fluid balance in your body, and prevent dehydration.

Average daily sodium intake in the US
You may be wondering how much sodium an average American consumes per day.

AHA found that Americans consume more than 3.4 grams of sodium (8.5 grams of salt) on average per day. 70 percent of sodium consumed by Americans comes from prepared food, pre-packaged foods, and restaurant meals.

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