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Sugar: It’s not all that it seems

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Many people today prefer to eat processed foods for their quick, easy meals and snacks. The added sugar in many processed foods increases the calories.

This article will explain the effects of excessive sugar consumption on health.

Weight gain Drinks sweetened with sugar have a high fructose content. These drinks contain fructose, which makes you feel more hungry and enjoy your food more. You are more likely to overeat.


People who don’t drink sweetened beverages weigh less.

Heart Disease
Sugar consumption increases the risk of heart disease. These factors include obesity and inflammation as well as increased levels of blood sugar, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Sugar, and especially fructose can contribute to atherosclerosis. This leads to clogged arteries.

Sugary foods and beverages have a high Glycemic Index, which causes your blood sugar levels to quickly rise. This rapid rise in blood sugar and in insulin leads to a release of more androgens in the body, which increases oil production and inflammation.

Type 2 Diabetes
Sugar consumption can cause obesity and insulin resistance. These conditions increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetics. Insulin controls blood sugar levels. Resistance to insulin can cause blood sugar spikes.

It is well known that obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation caused by excess sugar increase cancer risk. It can increase your risk of developing cancers such as esophageal, lung, and small intestinal cancers.

High sugar diets can increase your risk of depression. This increased risk for depression is believed to be caused by neurotransmitter dysfunction, inflammation and swings in blood glucose.

Other Conditions
Too much sugar can cause a variety of health problems. Sugar is a major contributor to skin and cell aging. It shortens the telomeres, which protect your chromosomes. Sugar also depletes energy and can cause fatty liver disease. Sugar can also increase your risk of kidney and gout disease. Sugar can also cause tooth decay and demineralization due to the bacteria that thrive in your mouth.

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