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Weather Effects on Joints

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Some people experience an increase in joint pain when certain weather conditions occur. This article will discuss the effects of the weather on joints, and what types of weather can cause joint pain.

Experts are not sure about the link between weather and joint pain Many studies on weather and joint pain rely on surveys that have few participants. The limited results are insufficient to draw solid conclusions. However, there are a few theories that we can explore.

Joint pain sufferers are more sensitive to changes in air pressure. It is possible that cartilage wears out over time, leaving bones and nerves vulnerable to air pressure changes.


This theory also states that air pressure changes can cause your muscles, tendons and scar tissue to expand and contract. The resulting pain can be caused by this expanding and contracting. Cold temperatures can also make your joints feel stiffer.

Your joints will become stiffer and more painful if you sit down more. It is common to experience joint pain and stiffness when it’s cold and rainy outside. This is because people tend to spend more time inside, where it’s warm and dry.

Weather conditions that affect joints
Numerous studies have been conducted to determine which types of weather conditions can cause joint pain. The results have not been conclusive.

In a 200-person study of people with osteoarthritis, it was found that a low barometric (air) pressure and temperature changes in increments of 10 degrees caused more pain in those who participated. A 2-year study of 220 people with hip osteoarthritis showed the opposite result. Participants in this study reported that increased pain and stiffness were associated with high air pressure and humidity.

Some studies found that there is no correlation between joint pain and the weather. A study that compared medical records of doctor’s appointments with weather reports from those dates found no correlation between weather and joint stiffness or pain. A study of knee pain and lower-back pain also failed to find a correlation between weather and joint pain.

Many people report increased joint pain when the weather is bad, even though research has not confirmed this.

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