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Age-related macular degeneration: Know the causes and symptoms of this eye disease

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The disease age-related macular (AMD) affects the central vision of the eye. It affects the ability to perform tasks that require forward-looking vision, such as driving, reading, and using a PC.

AMD is a condition that primarily affects people over 60 years old. People younger than 60 should still be on the lookout for AMD symptoms. High blood pressure, smoking and even excessive exposure to sunlight can cause it to occur earlier.

If you are over 50, get an eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Speak to your doctor to ensure you are not experiencing symptoms. Discuss your family history, as well as other risk factors. AMD symptoms can appear quickly or gradually, so you should get an annual eye exam to ensure your safety.

If you are in a high risk age group, smoke, have high pressure, or spend lots of time outside without UV-protective glasses, you should be on the lookout for certain symptoms. You may notice blurry spots, gray or hazy patches in your vision and straight lines appearing wavy.

There are lifestyle changes you can make to prevent or delay AMD symptoms.

  • Monitor your blood pressure. It is important to maintain a healthy blood-pressure for a variety of reasons. If you are at high risk for AMD, your blood pressure should be monitored closely.
  • Don’t Smoke. There are a number of good reasons to stop smoking. This dangerous habig may lead to macular degeneration.
  • Exercise regularly. Maintain a schedule to keep you active.
  • Protect your eyes with UV-protective glasses. UV rays are dangerous to the eye.

Even on cloudy or rainy days, keep them covered.
You should always get tested if you experience any of the above symptoms or are older than 50. Talk to your doctor about your risk to prevent or delay symptoms.

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