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Health Community weighs in on Sunshine Protection Act

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Many people are looking forward to daylight savings time after a long, cold winter. The dark winter can be a difficult time for people who like longer days. They are counting the days until they can set their clocks forward an hour to enjoy a later sunset. This process of changing the time can disrupt sleep patterns. You may wonder why Daylight Savings Time is even necessary. We’ll look at the new legislation, and see what health professionals have to say.

Sunshine Protection Act

The Sunshine Protection Act has been proposed to the US Senate. This could mean an end to “falling back” on November. The Sunshine Protection Act would allow us to keep our clocks at “spring forward” positions.

The Sunshine Protection Act will come into effect in November 2023 if President Biden signs it. Many people are in favor of eliminating seasonal time change. Doctors, however, believe that ending the seasonal time changes during the spring months would put us in the wrong location. They believe that stopping the clock during standard time is more beneficial than doing so in Daylight Savings Time.

The negative effects of permanent Daylight Savings

The body has a circadian rhythm that is built into it. Doctors say that setting the clocks back one hour in the fall is the best way to fit standard time into our circadian rhythm. When we “spring ahead,” our bodies are subjected to longer days which can negatively affect the sleep cycle.

Our bodies can adjust their internal clocks to wake up as the sun rises in the morning and to fall asleep when it gets dark outside. Standard Time is more sunny in the mornings and less so at night. The opposite is true with Daylight Savings time, and doctors think it could have long-term negative effects.

Health risks of Daylight Savings time

Many studies have been conducted on the effects Daylight Savings Time has on the human body.

After springtime, health risks like heart attacks and strokes increase. The seasonal time change has been linked to an increase in fatal accidents, mood disorders and other health problems.

It is not uncommon for people to struggle to function normally during the day when they have difficulty falling asleep due to an adjustment to a new routine. Sleep loss can lead to more accidents and health problems.

Doctors warn against retaining Daylight Savings Time permanently during the wrong season of the year. This will be more harmful in the long term than allowing the transition to Standard Time. The health community believes that a transition to Standard Time at the end of Daylight Savings Time will result in a better sleep cycle and overall health.

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