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What is the Benefit of Jogging for Your Heart?

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Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death today in the United States. Many people who are trying to improve their lives look for ways to improve heart health. Exercise is the best way to improve your heart health. While getting enough sleep, improving your diet and reducing stress can all help, exercising is also one of the best lifestyle changes that you can make. If you still need more reasons to put on your running shoes, then here are some additional benefits of jogging for your heart.

Running Can Help Reduce Excess Weight People who are overweight put additional pressure on their heart. Even the fat layer you’re trying to get rid of needs oxygen to function. Your heart must pump blood to even more tissues and push this blood further. Even walking, jogging or running can help you burn extra calories and lose weight.

It is a popular form of exercise because you do not need expensive equipment or to visit a gym. Start slowly and pay attention to your body. Talk to your doctor before you begin a new workout program.


Jogging helps to build heart muscle
Jogging works your heart muscles similarly to weight training. As your heart rate increases, your muscles will require more oxygen. This can help strengthen your heart. Jogging can also help to make your heart more efficient.

Jogging Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Exercise can make you healthier. Jogging, however, is a cardiovascular activity that has benefits for your blood pressure. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels. The previous section, where you create a more efficient cardiovascular system, is partially responsible for lowering your blood pressure. Jogging can also help to reduce the “bad cholesterol”, the low-density Lipoprotein and increase the good cholesterol (high-density Lipoprotein).

Jogging reduces the risk of heart disease
Running regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease in individuals by up to 35-55%. Running or jogging also improves blood flow, and builds joints and muscles to be more resilient to injury.

It is important to consult your doctor before you start jogging to make sure you have the right goals set and your health is up to your workout plan.

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