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You need to know the facts about the record-breaking year projected.

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You don’t want to contract Lyme disease. A tick that has lyme disease can transmit the disease to humans. This is a serious, life-altering autoimmune condition. The cases are increasing as the tick season extends and ticks move to a wider geographical area.

You are at risk if you live in a area where deer ticks are present. These ticks carry the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. As we approach spring and summer, trends indicate that this year’s Lyme disease incidence will be the highest ever recorded.

You can take steps to protect yourself from tick bites. You may have heard about some of these steps, but it’s important to review them in order to avoid a serious disease:

Wear appropriate clothing. Wear light colors to be able see any ticks on your clothing. Consider wearing a long-sleeved light shirt while hiking in deer-populated areas.

Use tick-repellent. The most popular and recommended tick repellent is DEET. Wearing it on clothing will help you to keep ticks away.

Check yourself for ticks before leaving an area populated by deer. Avoiding tick-infested areas is the best way to prevent a tick from causing you Lyme disease. It is best to remove ticks from your skin, clothing or accessories as soon as you can, ideally, before they bite you.

Lyme is not a joke. You need to be aware of its effects and take small steps to prevent it.

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