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What is the brain-glucose relationship?

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Most likely, you’ve heard that too much sugar can be bad for your health. Consuming sugar in excess can be a disaster. However, we must also recognize how sugar affects our bodies so that we make the right choices. The brain needs sugar, or glucose. Before you go and eat another candy bar, take a look at the effects of sugar on your brain.

Brain function 101In order to fully understand the brain and all the incredible things it is capable of, you must first know how it works.

The brain is the most powerful part of the body. It is a relatively small organ compared to your rest of the body but requires enormous amounts of energy to function. The brain consumes about half of the sugar energy in your body. Your brain works constantly to maintain your memory, learning abilities, thoughts and other routine body functions such as breathing.


The brain relies on glucose to function properly. The body can easily break down glucose and use it as fuel. It also contains a lot of energy.

Can you have too much of a good thing?
Providing the body with too many glucose can have the opposite effects.

Recent studies have explored the relationship between Type I and Type II diabetes in animals. According to these studies, the brain can be affected by high glucose levels if it is exposed to them repeatedly.

Continued exposure to high levels of glucose also results in a decrease in the size and function of the brain at a cellular level. This problem is further compounded by a second issue, where the blood flow to the brain is reduced. All of these problems continue to damage brain function.

Striking a Balance
While glucose is an important component of healthy brain function and memory, a continued consumption of sugars can lead to many issues with your brain. These include brain atrophy and problems maintaining and creating memories. All of this seems to emphasize the importance a balanced and healthy diet. You should include in your diet the glucose found naturally in fruits and vegetables.

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