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Top 5 oral cancer warning signs

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Over 45,000 new cancer cases are discovered every year. Men and women are both at risk for oral cancer, but it is more prevalent in men. It is good to know that most of the time, if caught early on in cancer development, it can be successfully treated. It prevents it from spreading and getting worse.

How can oral cancer be prevented

There is no clear evidence that explains the causes, but certain lifestyles can increase your risk of oral cancer. Researchers and doctors have identified a few things we should stop doing in order to prevent oral cancer. Inhalants from alcohol and tobacco are directly carcinogenic. These two products, in any form, are a major risk factor for oral cancer.

Another factor that may indicate a higher risk of oral cancer is older age. Oral cancer is more common in adults over 60 than younger adults. HPV, also known as sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), is a STD that has been linked to many types of cancer. Oral cancer is also caused by excessive sun exposure.

To prevent oral cancer:

  • Limit alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  • Apply Chapstick to your lips and sunscreen when you’re outdoors.
  • Regularly brush your teeth and visit a dentist yearly.
  • Exercise at least a few days a week and watch your diet.

Top 5 oral cancer warning signals

It is difficult to determine if you are suffering from oral cancer. To be sure, you will need to get a prognosis from your doctor. You can watch out for certain signs. Be aware of any changes you notice in the way you chew or swallow food. Notify your doctor if you have any difficulty with either. Look for any changes on your lips or neck, such as a lump or sore. Also, note if the development is accompanied by any tenderness or pain.

Another sign of cancer is sudden weight loss. Make an appointment with your doctor if you suddenly lose weight without any effort. Even if you don’t have cancer, this could be a sign of something else. Take note of any white or red patches you may see in your mouth.

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