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Easy Exercises to Manage Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic illness that can be managed. Take the right steps to effectively manage diabetes.

Inactivity can be caused by many things. Injury, illness and other factors may lead to the need for a less strenuous form of exercise. Many people overlook the benefits of walking.

It’s vital to consult your doctor prior to starting any exercise program. Check with your doctor, especially if you have an open sore, ulcer or other injury, before starting any exercise program, even walking. Walking is a great way to gradually get in shape and then progress to more intense activities.

Diabetes patients need to test their glucose levels more frequently when they become more active. Check your blood sugar levels before and after you go for a walk. You want to avoid blood glucose drops because the walks could change your blood sugar levels.

To begin with, you should walk for 30 minutes per day. It’s best to start off extra slowly. Do not push yourself to the limit. Be patient. As you begin, six 5 minute walks, two 15 minute walk, and three 10 minute walk are all acceptable. We’re not running a marathon, but we are exercising to improve our health.

You can walk to work instead of driving. You can add this simple activity to your daily life in many different ways.

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