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Mindfulness: a simple practice with major benefits

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We are born with the ability to think. We think happy and not so good thoughts. We often think about a future event, or we may be worried or concerned. We can also think about the past. It could be a regret, or a wonderful memory. It’s healthy for both body and mind to stop and focus on the present moment when we get caught up in our thoughts.

It’s a way of focusing your attention in the present moment. It’s not only for yogis who meditate on mountains; everyone can benefit from mindfulness.

Mindfulness can have a variety of benefits. Evidence is mounting that mindfulness practice can improve sleep quality. Researchers found in a study entitled “The Effects on Mindfulness-Based Sleep Disturbance – A Systematic Review” that “There is some evidence that suggests that increased mindfulness practice is associated with better sleep, and that MBSR practitioners experience a reduction in sleep-interfering cognition processes (eg. worry).

People who suffer from depression or anxiety can benefit from mindfulness. We can improve our mood by focusing on the moment and not dwelling on things which can cause anxiety.

There are many other benefits. From improved concentration to maintaining a healthy pressure, there is something for everyone.

Here’s an easy and quick way to get started:

Attention. Pay attention.

While doing this, focus your attention on your breathing. You will feel calmer almost instantly. This simple exercise should have a calming affect fairly quickly, according to science.

Exercise the above three times per day, for between 5-20 minutes. The more you practice mindfulness – something you can do anywhere – the greater the benefits to your mental and physical health.

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