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Snack your way to a healthier you

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People snack, for better or worse. Snacking is something that humans have done since the days of hunting and gathering. Do not feel guilty about that mid-morning snack. Do it in a healthy way.

Know What You’re Doing

It may seem harmless to grab a quick snack, but the food you choose is important. Quantity and quality are important. Cottage cheese or whole-grain crackers are great snacks, but they’re not good if consumed in excess.

Snacking is no exception. Moderation is key in many aspects of life. Track what you snack on and the amount of snacks you consume each day.

Pre-packing your snacks the night before is the best way to ensure that you get the right quantity and quality. Do not do this if you are hungry, as you may pack too much. This method is best if you have a food weighing scale. Use small containers to package your snacks. When prepping we tend to fill up containers, which can lead to a problem if they are too large.

Eat greens but also other foods

Fruits and vegetables are excellent snacks. They can maintain your blood glucose levels between meals. These foods can also supply vital nutrients you might not get in your regular diet. Don’t limit yourself to these healthy food choices. Tuna and whole-wheat cookies are a great alternative that is packed with protein.

Nuts for nuts

Nuts are a great option for something quick and simple. You can satisfy your mid-afternoon hunger with a handful of sunflower seeds or almonds. Pistachios contain more nutrients than other nuts and are lower in calories and fat. Brazilian tree nuts are a great healthy snack.

Bottom line, snacking is a good way to add nutrients that you need into your diet. To fully embrace the snacking trend, you must be aware of how much and what you are snacking on. Remember, the phrase “snacking doesn’t count” is not true.

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