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What you should know about Rotator Cuff Injuries

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Athletes of certain sports are more likely to suffer from a number of different injuries. Rotator cuff injury is common in athletes. However, it can also be caused by aging or the type of work an individual does.

The rotator-cuff lies in the shoulder. Therefore, people with jobs that require heavy lifting and movements above the head are at a higher risk of injury. Not all shoulder injuries are cause for alarm. We wanted to provide some information on rotator-cuff injuries to help you determine when to seek medical attention. When caught early, rotator-cuff injuries typically require a few sessions of physical therapy before people are able to return to normal activities.

Rotator Cuff BasicsThe Rotator Cuff is not one body part. It is actually a grouping of muscles and tendons located at the shoulder. These structures hold the head of your armbone in place as you move your arms. A rotator-cuff injury can be caused by several factors, including the structure of the rotator-cuff and our arm movements. These include tears, impingements and swelling injuries.


Many rotator-cuff injuries are caused by a single event. However, they can be caused also by repeated motion and use. Rotator cuff injury can occur at any age. Although, young people are more likely to suffer an injury as a result of an accident or trauma, like a sports injury.

Signs and symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries
You can get a sore shoulder or rotator cuff for many reasons. If you are unsure of the injury, you should get immediate medical attention. If you are experiencing pain that is severe or has been present for more than two days, you should seek immediate medical attention. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce unnecessary pain, and shorten treatment times.

Some people can identify a rotator injury by experiencing severe pain at the joint where the arm and shoulder meet or sudden arm weakness. Rotator cuff injury can also affect your ability to sleep and reach up or behind you.

For many people, the treatment is simple and involves physical therapy or pain management sessions. In severe cases, an injured person may need surgery.

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