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Five Red Flags That You Are Dating a Narcissist

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It’s easy to overlook some obvious red flags when you are dating someone. It can take some time for these signs to become apparent, but once they do, you are in a committed relationship. Narcissism, one of the more common personality disorders, is characterized by an overinflated sense of self as well as a lack of empathy for others. Here are some warnings signs that you might be dating a Narcissist.

Show You Love Early

Being appreciated by someone is a wonderful feeling. If they shower you with affection at the beginning of the relationship or drop The L Word too early, you might be dating a narcissist. It’s a classic way to show you how much they care by showering you with affection. However, once they reach a certain level in the relationship, they will stop.

Don’t take criticism or blame

Narcissist tendencies are evident if you observe that your partner is always on defense and unwilling to accept responsibility for anything. Narcissists tend to be very self-absorbed, and they have a hard time accepting criticism or admitting that something went wrong.

Bring Your Focus Back To You

When you have a conversation or argue with someone, they will always turn the topic to themselves. You may find that they praise themselves, or concentrate on their own needs rather than what you are discussing.

Control yourself

Narcissists can be extremely insecure, even though they are usually very self-centered. They may try to control the relationship. They can eventually take control over you, your actions and what you do. They can dictate what you are allowed to see and who you are allowed to be with.

You Are Judgmental

You’ll know you are dating a narcissist when your partner has a tendency to be judgmental and cannot take criticism. It’s usually because the narcissist wants to feel superior and will make you feel inferior in some way.

Remember that only a professional in mental health can diagnose someone as a narcissist. No relationship should ever make you feel inferior. Consider if your relationship is healthy, or if additional resources and support are needed.

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